Cooking with Essential Oils

Most of us need to cook – why not add amazing flavor to your dishes, beverages and desserts! We will be discussing how to safely and effectively use YL essential oils in some of our favorite recipes.

Introducing Young Livings newer line of Einkorn flour and products! Einkorn is an ancient grain and is NOT hybridized like today’s standard wheat. It has a very, very low gluetin content, Naturally!

Come, sample and enjoy!

Detox Shop and Spa | 319A Southbrigdge St. | Auburn, MA 01501

Monday, May 20, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM 

Get your tickets at the link below – spaces are limited!

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iTOVi Scanning Technology

Personalized Reports

The iTovi Scanner is a portable device designed to help you choose the most beneficial essential oils for your body. How? This innovative technology rapidly detects and measures changes in the electrical conductivity of your skin in response to stimuli. It then generates a personalized report with a list of recommended essentials oil product, ranked according to the needs indicated by your body’s responses.

The entire process takes only minutes.

Customize any session with an iTovi scan at no additional charge and
find out which essential oils will resonate most with you!

Purchase your own iTovi

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