[Podcast] Essential Oils: Healing the Body Naturally

In this episode, Deb and Carol had the pleasure of talking with me, about how I use essential oils to address a myriad of health issues.

Listen as I explain how each oil has a different frequency and how different oils can be used to detoxify different parts of the body. My goal is create a stress-free atmosphere where my clients can learn about the effectiveness of therapeutic grade essential oils and how they can be effective through this specific detoxification bodywork.

When I was in my 20s, I was diagnosed with a debilitating chronic digestive illness. At the time I was a wife and mother, so when traditional healing methods didn’t help, so I went on a quest to find answers for myself. It was then that I happened upon the book Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin and it changed the trajectory of my life. I learned something that already resonated deep inside her: The physical body and the spirit are parts of the same whole.

Join us as we us as we talk about the healing properties of essential oils and their many uses!

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