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One of the most popular ways to experience the
benefits of essential oils


How it Works

“Raindrop is a sequence of essential
oils coupled with bodywork”

During a Raindrop session, a specific sequence of essential oils and essential oil blends is applied to the shoulders, back and feet using special bodywork techniques. Feathering and fanning strokes are used along with light stretching to relax the body and mind while encouraging absorption. Essential oils are also dropped along the length of the spine like raindrops and then gently worked into the skin, giving the method its name.


Raindrop is soothing to the mind and the body

This soothing modality employs time-honored principles of reflexology, which suggests that the various systems of the body (vascular, muscular, etc.) correspond with particular locations on the spine and feet, and can be reached through gentle, strategic manipulation of these areas.

Application of the oils and bodywork are therefore targeted to specific points on the spine and feet in order to support and balance these systems. Meanwhile, invigorating scents such as wintergreen, peppermint and cypress stimulate the limbic system, calming and refreshing the mind and lifting mood.



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Personalized Reports

The iTovi Scanner is a portable device designed to help you choose the most beneficial essential oils for your body. How? This innovative technology rapidly detects and measures changes in the electrical conductivity of your skin in response to stimuli. It then generates a personalized report with a list of recommended essentials oil product, ranked according to the needs indicated by your body’s responses.

The entire process takes only minutes.

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