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Aroma Freedom


  • Emotional Release
  • Limbic System
  • Empowering

One of the most popular ways to experience the
benefits of essential oils


The Basics

“Aroma Freedom harnesses the powerful, well-established link between our sense of smell and our emotional state.”

We all form deep-rooted emotional associations, both negative and positive, in the wake of important life experiences. This gentle essential oil technique allows us to uncover and explore some of these associations and learn how to let go of the ones that are holding us back.

How it Works

“A special, aromatic blend of essential oils is applied to the hands for direct inhalation, evoking an automatic, physiological response.”

Stimulation of the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain) triggers your memory, helping you access unresolved moments from your past that may be blocking your way forward. Book an intimate, one-on-one Aroma Freedom appointment for quiet introspection, or schedule a group session for a shared and more interactive experience.


“This empowering modality is designed to help you let go of unhealthy attachments and unfounded beliefs that perpetuate negative feelings, hamper productivity, and prevent you from fulfilling your potential.”

Aroma Freedom uses the unique aromatic properties of essential oils to help you identify and put a stop to self-defeating thought patterns; freeing you up to pursue your best life.



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Reclaim your essential self

You were meant to be well… Return to a state of wholeness with wellness solutions sourced in the
very heart of nature.

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iTOVi Scanning Technology

Personalized Reports

The iTovi Scanner is a portable device designed to help you choose the most beneficial essential oils for your body. How? This innovative technology rapidly detects and measures changes in the electrical conductivity of your skin in response to stimuli. It then generates a personalized report with a list of recommended essentials oil product, ranked according to the needs indicated by your body’s responses.

The entire process takes only minutes.

Customize any session with an iTovi scan at no additional charge and
find out which essential oils will resonate most with you!

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