Spring Skin Detox with Essential Oils

Detox Your Skin the Natural Way!

Your skin is your first line defense in protecting your body! It covers the body completely and keeps your internal organs and tissues from environmental exposure. Our skin has 3 layers:  epidermis, dermis and the deepest layer is the hypodermis or subcutis layer. It’s protection from bacteria, viruses and other infections. It helps you retain moisture and regulates temperature. Skin is also the largest absorbent organ of the body. Most molecules are too large to be absorbed and will just lay on top of the skin. This can cause irritations like rashes, itching, blemishes, allergies. Essential Oils are soluable through lipids in the skin so they absorb easily.

There are many oils that are essential for your skin:

Rejuvenate with Rosewood

Slow down the wrinkle process with lavender, myrrh, rose, patchouli and frankincense, just to name a few

Restore elasticity with ylang ylang and lavender

Clogged pores? Have your lemon, melaleuca and geranium handy

Add a couple of drops to a 4 oz base of pure, organic coconut oil and apply to skin at night for refreshed skin in the morning.

What creates chapped/cracked skin? It can be the result of the depletion of natural oils in the skin, leading to dehydration of the skin beneath it. Some common causes for chapped skin is the exposure to the cold and wind.

Another common offender is the repeated contact with soaps or chemicals that break down oils in the skin. A lack of fatty acids in the body also contributes to dry skin. What are fatty acids? They are your vegetable oils, seed oils, flaxseed and sunflower oils. This is what makes ingestion of good oils so important to the body, it even shows in your skin! The bodies appetite will be satisfied with the intake of fatty acids. If you took a teaspoon of olive, fish or flaxseed oil before a meal you may feel satisfied sooner. (This will also help you not overeat)


3 Easy Ways to Love Your Skin Everyday:

  • Hydrate with fresh, pure water              

Your body has hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally and attracts moisture. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000x it’s own weight in water, attracting water to the skin and holding it there. You want your skin to be hydrated and healthy. 

  • Eat more organic fruits and vegetables

Our skin gives us a picture of what is going on inside the body. You eat anyway, why not give your skin an extra boost at the same time! Our bodies need vitamin C to help create collagen, a structural protein. This gives skin it’s elasticity. Examples of vegetables, that have a direct impact on the skin are: broccoli, sweet potatoes, red or yellow bell peppers, cucumbers.

Fruits that nourish your skin are: strawberries, kiwi, lemon, papaya, oranges and tomatoes.

Don’t forget your fatty acids: walnuts and sunflower seeds, just to name a few

Here is a great example of a tasty salad that loves your skin! https://detoxdiy.com/glowing-skin-salad

  • Cleanse your digestive tract

70 to 80% of your immune system is here! You want to have this body system running at it’s peak performance, and everyone needs cleansing. Our digestive systems are stressed because we are stressed! There is a build up of toxins, chemicals, bacteria and parasites. A toxic body with poor nutrition can lead to allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and a host of other issues directly related to the digestive system. Cleansing should be ongoing, with a high water consumption, distilled or purified water. You can use high-potency liquid herbs, enzymes and probiotics, therapeutic grade essential oils. You should target many areas of the body, but most importantly, the digestive system. Toxicity needs an outlet – you want to be able to rid your body properly.

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